Lubbert Das - De Plagen, Digi CD

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"The fogs and mists of time evanesce while fleeting sounds of ancient pasts disturb the long slumber of memory. Hear thee! The banners towering above the dark castle gates are revealed! Deep within the forges of the inner keep, an entity of sickly disturbance has gathered strengths and is set to be unchained during these cold winter moons…

Lubbert Das will manifest their first album, “De Plagen”, in the winter of the year MMXVIII.

Four unholy hymns will chronicle the tormenting plagues of the dark ages: the destructive force of famine, the ravaging darkness of the pest, the bloodshed caused by strife and war and, finally, the monstrous beasts looming in the shadows of the wild.

Captured and chained alive during three nights of possession in the Catacomben Studios by W. Damiaen, as well as one night of sinister evocation at the Boulevard de Heuvelink, these four pieces of aural gloom reveal a grim essence in the deep recesses of this trio’s sound. Any soul that has witnessed their rare candlelit live appearances over the years can attest to the exuberant emanating madness conveyed in these recordings.

Forged from raw sound by Lubbert Das and ultimately sharpened by the mastering craft of Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, “De Plagen” exhibits the most ferocious and clear offering to date, while retaining the primeval and harsh undercurrents that have defined this band from the start.
Set to be released December 26th on vinyl in conspiracy with Fallen Empire in the United States and Amor Fati Productions in Europe, together with a Digipack edition by Amor Fati and a pro-tape cassette version by Haeresis Noviomagi.

Descending from cosmic darkness, the four plagues will cast an ancient shadow upon this ephemeral world." - Apparentia Haeresis Noviomagensis

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