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With the death of Sovereign (BRA), the few worshippers of the Dogman Rudolf might be wondering if there wouldn’t be any more howls of primitive and melodic black metal to ring out over the landscape of the underground, but now we have the answer, and that’s CATACOMB VOICES. This is Rudolf’s new project and it follows as the next logical step away from Sovereign, featuring the same unique melodic riffs but with an emphasis on the METAL component in sound and in solo guitar work.

Sovereign has always had very little in common with the current crop of rawness over riffs BM, and is more akin to bands like Arghoslent or Rostorchester who choose to keep the production clean and clear so you can appreciate the interlocking guitar play between lead and rhythm. This new demo has 7 songs that work as the initial declaration of style from Catacomb Voices but embody the original guitar playing that has been present across all the works of Rudolf the Proud.

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